Thursday, May 5, 2016

Greenbrier Ski Resort Trail Map Released

Ski, Esq. is pleased to report that it has received some additional information regarding skiing at the Greenbrier. As readers may recall, rumors regarding skiing at the iconic West Virginia resort have swirled for years. Several years ago, insiders believed that the resort was close to pulling the trigger on a development which would have brought skiing to Kate's Mountain - a formidable, northern-facing slope above the resort. However, the project has not come to fruition and it is widely believed that the plans for this development were put on the back burner when resort owner, Jim Justice, purchased the Oakhurst development across town.

However, skiing may be making its way back into the Greenbrier's plans, albeit in a scaled-down way. When Justice purchased Oakhurst, skiing was already part of the development plan. Site plans showed the proposed trails and lift configuration, but no trail map was released. However, Ski, Esq. recently acquired a copy of the proposed trail map.

Proposed Trail Layout

Skiing would be spread across 30 acres with 1 lift servicing 7 trails spread across a 500' vertical drop. The top lift elevation will be just under 2,500'. Based on the branding of the trail map as an amenity of the Greenbrier Sporting Club, Ski, Esq. postulates that the skiing will be private and only open to GSC members. 

The resort remains hush both on the opening date of skiing at the Oakhurst neighborhood and as to whether the project for skiing on Kate's Mountain remains active. 

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